How To Make A Water Filter At Home

You pride yourself in doing things on your own. Follow this quick guide to make a water filter at home.

Water Filter Basics

A water filtration system is used to filter out particles and other forms of pollution that may get caught in the stream of water that flows from your faucet. These systems come in different forms and, because of their effectiveness, are generally in high demand.

You can always buy a water filter from your local hardware store. It may be more beneficial, though to make a filter from home. How do you complete such a task, though? Read on to find out!

1. Find a plastic soda bottle and cut it in half

You do not need to buy a new bottle to complete this step. Consider thoroughly rinsing a used soda bottle to begin the process. You do not need to cut the bottle evenly down the middle. In fact, slicing the bottle’s top half while leaving the middle and bottom portions together may help you complete steps two and three more efficiently.

2. Turn the top half on its head

The result should be a funnel at the top and the bottleneck serving as a collector at the bottom.

3. Test the creation

Pack the funnel portion with sand or dirt. Then, turn on your faucet and catch the water that flows through on a white paper towel or paper plate. A clear substance should break through the dirt barrier.


You should be meticulous about cutting your soda bottle when making a water filtration system from scratch. This tool, after all, serves as the only component of your system. It may be a good idea to use a sharp razor instead of scissors for a more precise cut. You should be cautioned, however, to not harm yourself while attempting to divide the soda bottle perfectly. Happy creating!


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